Kids Fishing Camp in Marathon, FL

  • Camp Kids Age Limits – 5-15 years old.  Kids will be separated while fishing 5-9 in one group and 10-12 in another group, and 13-15 in another group.
  • Maximum kids per week – 24
  • Camp Hours:  Monday – Friday 9am – 4pm
  • 2024 Camp Dates:  June 3 – August 20

Join us at Ana Banana Kids Fishing Camp in Marathon, FL, where the fun doesn’t have to end at 4pm!

For a nominal fee, parents can pick up their kids as late as 6pm.

During these extra hours, our experienced staff will supervise the children as they enjoy yard games, practice fishing skills, or cast a line off our dock.

Your child will have a blast and you can rest easy knowing they are in good hands.

We have two boys 11 and 13.  Our 11 year old is slightly artistic and our 13 year old has Tourettes Syndrome.  They’ve tried different sports like baseball, hockey, and soccer, but being awkward kids’ sports didn’t go well for them.  A few years ago we took them on a fishing charter with Captain JoJo.  We finally found a sport they loved; the sport of fishing!  Captain JoJo was so patient with them, and taught them how to fish.  He told us about his kids fishing camp and last year we sent them to the camp.  The camp has been so fulfilling for them, and all they want to do now is fish!

John Reynolds

Our son Jimmy wants to be a fishing captain! We live in Nebraska and we take Jimmy fishing in ponds and rivers for bass, trout and catfish. Jimmy is always watching fishing shows and YouTube videos about fishing. When we sent him to the kids fishing camp for his birthday, it was a game changer! He got to catch grouper, snapper, tuna, tripletail, shark, barracuda and many other fish! The kids fishing camp brought Jimmy to a whole other level. Jamie is 11 now, and knows the camp ends at age 16, but he wants to come down to the keys every year until then. The captains at the camp are true professionals!

Sharron Singlebury

My husband and I come down to the Florida Keys each year, and the Kids Fishing Camp is awesome for our kids.  The kids get to catch fish all day, and we can have our ‘adult time’ exploring the keys.  Our kids can’t wait for summer each year, so they can come and fish with Captain Joel!

Mary Stockton

Last year we had to come down to the keys to handle my mother’s estate. I knew we would be spending a lot of our time at the attorney’s office. Even though our daughter is an ‘inside cat’, we discussed the idea of the kids fishing camp with her. She reluctantly agreed and had the time of her life! She wants to sign up next year for this 5-star camp!

Bryan Peyton

We are originally from Key West and every year by our family holds a family reunion in Key West. Today, Key West is more of an adult party town. We spend our days in Key West, and the kids spend their days in Marathon at the fishing camp. We get to do our adult staff and the kids get to do their kid stuff. Our kids have been doing the camp for years and they love it. They go to the camp Monday through Friday, and our family reunion on Saturday. It works out great for us and our kids. We are doing their camp again this summer.

Linda Nixon

Our 3 kids have been a part of Ana Banana Kids Fishing Camp for years!   Our kids are competitive, so every year they turn the camp into a tournament.  They talk about who caught the biggest, the most, the first, the ugliest, etc.   All of our kids like to eat fish.  One thing we love about this camp, is the Captains teach our kids to catch, clean, cook and eat the fish.  We have a lot of family fish fries! 

Nora S

Captain Joel and his crew put our kids on awesome fish every day. Luckily they were blessed with great weather and smooth seas. We’ve raised our kids fishing, and they caught more, and bigger fish than they ever caught with us. My husband jumped on the boat for a couple of days and had as much fun as the kids did. We would recommend Ana banana kids fishing camp to any parent who wants their kids to have an experience of a lifetime! The case came back and two our vacation rental home with bags of fish filets every afternoon. We even shipped a cooler of fish back to Michigan! Thanks for such a cool camp for our kids!

Susan Bachman

My husband and I are not fishing people, but our 12 year old twin boys love to fish. Josh and Aden have gone to ana banana kids fishing camp for four years in a row. The stories and memories they have experienced over the years at the fishing camp have been priceless. They will be going again next year and can’t wait. I would recommend this camp to everybody and thanks for your great work with our boys captain!

Brooke Johnson

Our boys go to bed and wake up with their fishing poles. They fish tournaments with their father during the year. They had a great time at your camp and caught fish they’ve always wanted to catch and never have until Ana Banana Camp. They caught cobia, shark, snook, redfish, trout, spanish mackerel, triple tail and grouper. They came home with bags of filets everyday and we had a big neiborhood fish fry. They will definately sign up for next years camp. Thanks for all you do!

Brenda Mosley

We were a little nervous about sending our two girls and their cousin out fishing for a week. Three young girls fishing for an entire week. We were wondering on day one if they would be as enthusiastic on day two, three, four and five. To our surprise they all jumped out of bed each morning and couldn’t wait to get back to the boat. They all three loved Ana Banana Kids Fishing Camp. They would come home each evening with fishing stories. They not only talked about all the fish that they caught, they talked about seeing manatees, rays, dolphins and even saved a pelican caught up in fishing line. The patience and attention you showed these girls is very appeciated and they are recuiting some of their friends for next years camp. These girls love to fish and we thank you for teaching them so much this summer. Hats off to Capt. Joel and family!

The year before last we sent Dylan to another fishing camp. It seemed like he spent most of the week with a bunch of kids in a classroom. The instructor was nice, but tried to teach the kids how to fish on a chalkboard and they had a few speakers and captains come and talk to the kids about fishing. He got to actually fish around the docks and they took a bunch of kids out on a big boat on the last day and caught a few tiny fish. Dylan was in school all year and the last thing he wanted to do was spend another week in a classroom. Dylan loved Ana Banana Camp, because he got to go out on a boat everyday and catch a bunch of fish. He can’t stop talking about the huge fish he caught, especially the shark, he has the shark jaws hung up above his bed. Dylan wants to be a professional fisherman when he grows up and says when he gets bigger he wants to be a camp counselor at Ana Banana Kids Fishing Camp. Big difference between your camp and the first fishing camp. If you ever need us as a reference, I’d love to talk to any parent who wants to talk to another parent about your camp! Mary Rowlands 813-___-___. Thanks again Captain, for showing our son the week of his life!

Thank you Captain Joel and crew for creating such and awesome experience for our son Blake. He caught a bunch of fish and learned so much at camp. Blake is a shy kid and made some great friends this summer at camp. He can’t stop talking about what a blast he had and can’t wait to sign up for camp next year! We can’t express our gratitude enough and I recommend your camp to any child who loves to fish!

Susan L.

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